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Always Fun!

There are NO PUBLIC BEACHES in Niagara Falls.  That River is just way too treacherous to even think about dipping your feet in!

Here are some beaches that are close to Niagara Falls


Port Dalhousie is on Lake Ontario, one of the chain of Great Lakes.  lakeside Park is very pretty, and there is even an antique carousel that you can ride on for just a nickel. I'm going to do some research to find out why that is. I know it's something to do with it being donated to the park by a man who insisted that the donation would only go through on the condition that the park never raised the cost of the carousel ride. What a cool guy, eh?

The name of the lake comes from the Iroquois word "kanadario ," meaning either "beautiful lake" or "sparkling water". The province was later named after the Lake.

Unfortunately, in the past several years, it has become somewhat polluted. However, the Ministry takes daily samples of the Lake to ascertain whether or not it is safe for swimming. Before venturing out to this beach or any other beaches in the area, call this hotline to check the status of the water safety - Beach Hotline at 905-935-2722.

Port Dalhousie is so beautiful that even if the water is not safe for swimming, it is worth visiting. The quaint shops in the area, the interesting lighthouses and the carousel make the drive definitely worthwhile. 

Directions to Port Dalhousie:

Take the QEW to St. Catharines. Take Ontario St. North; Left on Lakeport Road to Old Port Dalhousie. Follow signs to Lakeside Park.


Crystal Beach is a quaint town location on the southern shores of Lake Erie. It offersa beautiful sandy beach that is cleaned and well supervised.

If you're a dog owner, beware. Dogs are not allowed on the beach, and you don't want to leave Rover in the car! The beach is about 30 minutes to the Falls.