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There are other names for Bachelorette Party, such as Stagette, Hen's Night Out or Hen's Party. Stagette and Bachelorette Party are the more common names in North America. Basically, a Bachelorette Party is the female version on the Bachelor Party, and these parties are very popular in Niagara Falls. Almost every weekend, I see a group of young women together, and it is obvious that they are having a Bachelorette Party. How? Well, often they are dressed in the same clothing. Sometimes the bride is wearing a sash or a veil, or sometimes a crown. Usually the group has a limousine waiting for them.

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Anyway, Bachelorette Parties are an easy group to spot.

I'm not sure why Niagara Falls is such a popular location for a bachelorette party, but I'm guessing it has something to do with Peppermints, which is a strip club featuring MALE dancers! It has become popular for bachelorette parties to include a bar tour together with a scavenger hunt.  Remember ~ what happens in Niagara stays in Niagara!

Click for Free Scavenger Hunt for Bachelorette Party in Niagara Falls.

Have you thought about starting your Bachelorette Party at the Fallsview Casino? You could go with the theme - Marriage is a Gamble and spend some of your time at the slots.  

If drinking, gambling and strippers are out of the question, you can still have fun!  How about a Bachelorette Party on Clifton Hill?  Start off taking a ride on the Skywheel because the Bride is "Over the Moon with excitement."  Take a tour of the Movieland Wax Museum and get your pictures taken with Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford or even Justin Bieber!  

You could do a CLEAN scavenger hunt on Clifton Hill, and that could be a lot of fun.  Click here for a FREE CLIFTON HILL SCAVENGER HUNT.